LKP Do’a Bangsa Cicantayan: ALWAYS CLEAN!

If you come to LKP Do’a Bangsa Cicantayan, either in the morning, afternoon, or evening, to LKP Do’a Bangsa Cicantayan, then you will see in every corner of the LKP’s Dormitory arranged neatly every item, every corner of the dormitory always clean from dirt, and the stunning scenery is every child, whether senior or junior, without prompting by anyone, take a candy wrappers with their fingers, after finish sandals, or no one picks up a broom from the equipment room, eventhough  is not the picket hygiene time.

Currently in LKP Do’a Bangsa Cicantayan is holding a comprehensive hygiene program called the program: “Always Clean”. The program emphasizes cleanliness issue for all sectors in the dorm. The goal is to not only clean Dormitory when no picket cleanliness alone, but to be clean and tidy at all times. In addition, another goal is to establish the character of the kids who love the cleanliness that is not only clean up the environment because they were ordered, but have formed self-awareness.

Always Clean 3

The program starts by giving awareness to all Gelara (LKP students) about the importance of cleanliness. Moreover, with a watchful eye, all Gelara hygiene at all times. Its provisions are no bins in a radius of 1 meter gelara wherever located. This will not be achieved without proper monitoring and evaluation of the program at any time. Hilaalan Aqdi, Mentor of Student affairs confirmed that hygiene is the foundation of all aspects of building a child’s character. With the construction of clean character, it will be easier to form good character for the gelara.

Until now, the results of the assessment of 10 percentage value obtained hygiene inspection dorm cleanliness has reached 80.17%. LKP Do’a Bangsa Cicantayan itself has a target attainment percentage for the value of inspections hygiene hygiene visits reached 95% in the next september.

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